My Maid of Honor Speech…one year late

10 Jun

So May 9th..a year ago I was maid of honor for Lisa’s wedding…
I found my speech today while cleaning out some files at school. I wanted to post it as a memory…You probably won’t get most of it!

I am Meghan, the Co-Maid of Honor…
I have known Lisa since the summer of ’99…so almost ten years. We may or may not have met through another boy…but that’s neither here nor there.
Over the last ten years..Lisa and I have been through many good times and many bad times…I appreciate everything she has offered in our friendship and will miss her terribly when they move. I put a little list together for Mark…

The Top Ten Things Mark may or may not already know about Lisa…but he NEEDS to know them!!!

1. she eats like a garbage disposal, but plays it off like she doesn’t (she has a secret stash of candy at work)
2. together we have invented our own car alarm
3. she has a mysterious Hooters outfit…
4. She wears a button with a picture of you on it when she plays dominoes
5. she has a new found talent of shot gunning beer
6. she can play dominoes like champ..the girls have NEVER lost
7. she saves every single award or piece of paper she has ever received and uses them for wallpaper
8. when you go to happy hour with her…expect about 10 more people to show up because she invites everyone and their mom
9. you may want to check under her wedding dress for long underwear…everytime we went to try on wedding dresses, the store girls were VERY confused
10. she will be a great wife…

Mark, I couldn’t have picked a better husband for Lisa myself…
Thanks for taking her off my hands…
I love you both dearly and look forward to some Utah visits!!!

-there is a video that we produced of a vacation we took to Texas that only we think is funny


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