10 on Tuesday…(so I forgot last week! I was a touch busy)

22 Jun

1. I forgot my 10 on Tuesday last week…my excuse is this: I was busy playing Bunco and thinking about the last day of school. I won the most “wins” too…BOO-YA!

2. I have 75% of a deck!!! yahoo!! And in actuality…I only needed ten boards to do what I wanted to…which was lay out…but I would need some sun to do that…and WE DON’T HAVE ANY!!! The Boy worked really hard over the weekend to get it done. I am proud of him.

3. My newest “nephew” should be born today or tomorrow! Contractions have been going since 1:30am!!! Weston’s mama is a rockstar and she is having a homebirth with no drugs!

4. Today I am going on a 6 mile walk…three to the allergist for shots and three back.

5. School’s OUT!!!! I have one new teaching teammate for next year and one that I will keep around.

6. The Boy and I went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday. Super cute, not worth the 3d glasses fee though. It had no special effects for the 3d glasses. We have figured out how to get the glasses for free though. If you go to the first showing of the day and buy your tickets at Costco…CHA-CHING!!!! Any other time of day you must pay for the glasses. It’s still cheaper if you go with the Costco tickets, but the first showing is the best. And the fact that The Boy only works every other Monday is stellar for our movie going!

7. We went on a muddy hike yesterday too. I didn’t think it was going to be “hard”….so I wore tennis shoes and my favorite LONG workout pants…BAD MISTAKE…it was “hard” and MUDDY and my workout pants barely made it!

8. I have all my “thank-yous” done (end of the school year gifts) and are ready to be sent out…BOO-YA for less than a week later!!!!

9. I learned how to play Yahtzee last night….yes, I know I am the last person on the planet to learn to play. We played with a set that was made in 1956 from my Nannie’s house. It was awesome and smelled kind of funny!

10. Mom’s surprise party is fast approaching and I am getting really nervous about it!


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