10 on Tuesday

13 Jul

1. deck. is. done.  I wanted to post a pic, but none of my flowers or anything are out yet so it doesn’t look as lovely as it should right now…plus the photo was taken yesterday on a very gloomy monday!

2. Last night I met up with our school counselor Dawn at Caldera!  What an awesome place to go!  The atmosphere is the best and the drinks aren’t bad either!

3. Unbirthday with a friend is tonight…what is an unbirthday  you ask?  It’s when you celebrate someone that you don’t likes birthday…Update:  for a good reason, because he is a d-bag…

4.  I told my mom that every Tuesday this summer The Boy and I will trade cars (small suv for large pick up) and her and I will clean out her house and donate to the Goodwill.  This morning was our first day (she was busy with some bedskirt the last two Tuesdays!) and we took 1.5 loads in about an hour!  I was so proud of her!  A lot of it was mine that has never been taken from her house so I took care of that too!  I love throwing stuff out!  I got all sorts of treasures for my treasure box at school too!

5.  Thursday morning I am headed to the beach with Rose and her girls!  I can’t wait!

6.  Last Thursday or was it Wednesday?  I don’t really know due to the fact that I don’t “do calendar time” everyday during the summer so I don’t so much pay attention to the day.  Anyhow, two friends and I went to the beach thinking it would be nice and warm there considering it was teetering around 100 that day in Portland.  NOT SO MUCH!  It was 64 degrees there and smoggy and windy!  Nuts I tell ya!  But we got a good meal at Moe’s, lots of outlet mall shopping, and of course a stop at the candy store!

7. This weekend I am going to a bridal shower for my friend Andrea that I haven’t seen in two years! Should be fun!  It’s a Linens N Lovlies party!  I got her a lovely!

8. Tomorrow is my last group at the Dougy Center for the year.

9. My couch to 5k is going splendid!  On week three already!



One Response to “10 on Tuesday”

  1. Heidi July 14, 2010 at 4:45 pm #

    Hi Sass,

    This looks great! We’ll have to work on that header, but now I can get some ideas going since I can see what size it should be! Love the wordpress!

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