You want flower????

18 Jul

So…I went to get a pedicure today because I just couldn’t stand looking at my toes any longer!  I went to my favorite little place in Happy Valley.  They were as happy (who isn’t happy in Happy Valley?) as ever when I walked in and excited to give me a pedicure…and asked if I needed a manicure, along with a wax of here or a wax there…or a flower or a diamond…”nope just the usual please!”

While standing at the front counter waiting for them to decide if they can fit me in, I see something that makes me laugh.  At the two nail/wax places I go to, they worship the Buddha.  They set out a statue of the Buddha and feed him everyday, a cup of coffee and some cookies.  I laugh because I am reminded of a story my friend J told me.

It goes like this:

“My Nannie comes in here with my mom all the time.  One of her first times she took one of the cookies and ate it because she thought they were for the clients!”

Everytime I see those cookies it reminds me of J’s nannie!  So stinkin cute!  And I do have to say the cookies look pretty good and I may have tried one if I didn’t figure out their culture so quickly!


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