10 on Tuesday

21 Jul

1. I got to go to the beach for two nights with Rose and her girls! It was a blast!

2. Went to the bridal shower of a good friend from high school. She is getting hitched on September 17th!

3. Nike employee store….what what!!!!!

4.Watched two horrible movies at the beach…When in Rome and The Bounty Hunter…don’t recommend either!

5. Cleaning out mother’s garage today…Goodwill here we come! They will soon know us by name! I love that.

6. Deadliest Catch show on Saturday! Captain Sig and the Hillstrand brothers will be in Portland. I can’t wait!

7. This Thursday I will be attending my first Pioneer Woman dinner!  I am in charge of Sangria! Perhaps because that’s the only thing I can make?

8. Started Weight Watchers yesterday…so far so good.

9. I got the CUTEST pink flip flops and pink Converse at Nike yesterday!!!! I LOOOOVEEEE THEM!!!

10.  Started Week 4 Day 1 of Couch to 5k today and thought I was going to die a little.  Not sure why, but the legs were not feeling it today.  Hopefully I can get with it on Wednesday.


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