Summer Breakfast Explosion…Part 1

22 Jul

Rose and I decided there were so many breakfast places we needed to try in Portland…so we invented the Summer Breakfast Explosion!!!!

Info on the SBE:

when: Fridays

who: Rose, S, A, and moi!

where:  a new breakfast place every week

Place Number 1:  Besaw’s

Located in NW Portland it has a LOVELY atmosphere…(excuse the HORRID camera)

We dined on the patio…

Rose had Biscuits and Gravy (don’t be surprised when she orders that at all the places we go, because 1) it’s her favorite…she bleeds gravy, true story 2) she wants to compare all the places and she believes she can only do that fair using the same subjects…

This meal was approximately $8.00 and she rated it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I ordered the omelet. mine was about the same price with the same rating…

All in all, great atmostphere, service was a little slowish…but glad we tried it!Even toothless Annie liked it!  (She asked that we don’t call her that…)

See you next week at our next location…I have been to this one before and their french toast is TO DIE FOR!!!


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