10 on Tuesday…

27 Jul

1.  Pioneer Woman dinner was AMAZING!!!  (another post later!)

2. Deadliest Catch was AWESOME!!! (perhaps another post of this as well!

3. Skylar, my cousin’s daughter turned one on Saturday so we had a big bash…well, ALL the little teeny girls were there which included:  the A-Team, Rylee, and Skylar…as well as Chase which is Skylar’s little brother.  I love the picture below so much…you should have seen us trying to get this.  There were about twelve adults calling their names to get them to look.

(Picture: Rylee, Aubrey, Adison, Skylar, and Chase snoozing out)

4. Attended a “dance” birthday party of one of my former students.  Darling to watch 9 year old girls shake what their mama gave them.

5.  Had an amazing dinner with our friends the B’s.  Mrs. B made salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp…HELLO GOURMET!!!  It was amazing…

6. Saw Ramona and Beezus today in the theater with A and K and it was so cute.  K shed a few tears! =)

7. Week 5 Day 1 of Couch to 5k started today…holy balls I was scared but I DID IT!!!!  Day 2 and 3 are both different and harder…hopefully I can conquer and go forth!

8. Do you like my new design on my bloggy or what?!?!? thanks to Sassy Blogs!!!

9. I purchased a nice Dirt Devil hand vac from a garage sale last Friday during Summer Breakfast Explosion Part 2.  I love it because I have been putting off buying one.  You can beat the DD on the stairs ya know!

10. Does laundry ever stop?!?!?  I don’t even have kids!!! There’s two of us!!! 2!!!! That’s a reason right there not to have kids!!  SHHH don’t tell Big MamaMegPie


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