As promised in the previous post…PW DINNER!!!

29 Jul

Last Thursday us PW fans met up at Cora’s house to show off our best dishes from Pioneer Woman!  Some OVERACHIEVERS brought more than one thing…I brought the SANGRIA!  Have I told you I loved sangria?!?!

We had twelve yes 12 different selections all from PW’s blog or cookbook.

Cora with her cupcakes…she made AMAZING Jalapeno poppers that I can’t stop dreaming about!

Rose made Olive Cheese Bread…you gain five lbs. just by looking at it!

Katy made Summer Stir Fry which was another favorite that I highly enjoyed.

Pioneer Woman Dinner

Tricia made Rosemary Skewers…yum yum yum!!!

Now, you are probably wondering where are the rest of the dishes if there were 12 in all…see pic below for full buffet!!!!

This is a quarterly thing we are starting to do…I will have to branch out next time!!!


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