10 on Tuesday….

4 Aug

1. We babysat our friends’ little boy…and did his first paintings!!!  He ever painted the old old cat!

2. We attended a Portland Beavers Double Header Sunday afternoon…very pleasant day spent outside and we ate much overpriced grub!  Saw one of my little stinkers there too…I am sure she ran home and told his momma we were drinking beer!

3. Hung out with Baby Weston Friday night for his mama’s birthday!

4. Couch to 5k is rocking week six!

5. Update on Couch to 5k…I have had to put all form of exercise that involved standing on my feet to a hault…I have a blood blister the size of Texas on the ball of my foot…NOT GOOD!

6. I went to my mom’s house today to get her caught up on the 21st century!  We bought her first computer!  It’s a fantastic laptop that is just perfect for her…I cannot even believe how fast the internet was up.  Now it’s on to the lessons!  It only took us an hour to send an email…no biggie.  After the email lesson she says, “How do I Google something?”  I laughed outloud…

7.  I am in the process of making Jalapeno Poppers from Pioneer Woman’s cookbook for our weekend extravaganza!  The B’s and us (is that proper grammar?) are going away!!!  Should be a blast!

8.  My friend Amy and I spent some time Garage Saling last Friday…BOY O BOY it was amazing!  We went to 12 garage/junk sales…I got a small boys’ coat (Osh Kosh) brand new for $3…a very nice flower pot for $3…some books for my classroom for .50$ each…some running magazines for FREE…and I believe that’s all…Amy hit the jackpot too on a sweet storage situation for her classroom…on sale at Target this week for 39$ she paid $6…BOOYA!

9. Tomorrow is blueberry picking with Amy!

10. Tonight is The Boy’s last softball game.


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