10 on Tuesday

11 Aug

1. We just returned from a spectacular weekend on the McKenzie River! (separate post later!)
2. The “s” word is fast approaching…UGH!
3. Remember how I had a gigantic blister(from another mister)on my foot last week?  Well it’s healing nicely…except guess what?!?!?  On the vacation I sprained my ankle!  My body is telling me…SLOW DOWN!  But I am saying NO!  So I am icing as we speak.  Couch to 5k is struggling right now.

4. Blueberry picking last week was a BUST!  Bad blueberries, so we each came back with a little over a pound…BOO!

5. Today I am going with Amy and Kristy to help Kristy set up her brand spankin new (to her) classroom in her new school.  I believe she has stepped foot in.  SCARY!  Maybe she will help me clean out my cupboards with her needs…we can only hope!

6. Mother is sailing on her “googling”…I think she googles everything and everyone now.  I refused to bookmark her email site (so she had to practice getting there) but I bookmarked my cousins blogs along with mine.  Not sure if she remembers how that all works either.  She did inform me on Sunday that she had joined Classmates.com…whateva mom!

7.  Have I stated that my mother cut me some bangs in my hair?  Have I told you I hate them cause they are in my face all the time?The Boy likes them and I like them for one or two minutes every other day.  I don’t think they can be around for school though.

8.  I was browsing around on Nounces last night and she has her Christmas Cards up and going already!!!! YIKES!!!!  I can’t handle this! But I have to tell you they are the stinkin cutest things on the block!!!

9. Today is National S’mores Day!!!!  We will be having S’mores tonight! =)

10. Tonight is the test of my ankle…stay tuned for the update on if I can make my run tonight!!!


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