Food…Food and MORE food…but you would never know…

12 Aug

Friday we arrived at the McKenzie River Trout House (aka J’s Aunt Mandy and Uncle Gene’s house)…to be greeted by our hosts  and what gracious hosts they were too.  I mean who else is okay with two crazy couples and a 21 month staying in their guest quarters for two nights and taking advantage of all the beautiful things their property has to offer?!?!  They were awesome!  Unfortunately, I was a bad blogger and didn’t take enough pics!  UGH I hate that!

Run down on the weekend:

Friday afternoon arrival, appetizers of any kind of cheese you could imagine as well as crackers and grapes…care of J.  We may have also eaten most of the Jalapeno Poppers I made too!  They get better the more you heat them up!   Don’t forget the amazing lemon drops Uncle Gene made for us!  The Boy couldn’t get on the river fast enough…I went down to join him for a short fishing lesson and guess who caught a fish?!?!?!  And guess who didn’t get any pics?!?!?!

We ate a lovely brisket with Cole Slaw and Pasta Salad.  The neighbors came over and our night ended when their oldest Lab went missing.  No where to be found.  They looked until 2:3oam to find that stinker…NOTHING!

Saturday am:  Wake up and had amazing German Pancakes care of Uncle Gene.  Did a lot of putting on their putting greens in their YARD!  So awesome! The dog was found…it’s not fixed because it’s a show dog and he found a couple ladies to entertain for the night. =)

Saturday pm:  Headed for a car ride to the fish hatchery and Koosah Falls…we made it about .02 miles onto the trail to Koosah and SOMEONE fell and sprained her ankle…may or may not have been MOI!  KLUTZY !!!!  The Boy did a great job and not letting me hit the ground very hard…at one point I think I was swinging from his hands like some sort of crazy thing you would see on Dancing With The Stars!  I heard and snap and the tears were flowing!  I am not one to cry when I get hurt, but holy bejesus!!!  It was killing me and my biggest fear of having to be carried out of a hiking trail was in my near future.  I was able to get myself up and to a bench while we diagnosed that it was no where near broken and we were assessing to see if we could continue until the Little Man had a leaky diaper and that was the end.  We were a great pair!  He could have gone on, but not me…I was out for the count!  We headed back to the Trout House for some R & R, and wine and cheese =) and chips and salsa…pattern going on?

Saturday Dinner:  T’s birthday dinner care of Chef Uncle Gene…Course One was Crab Stack aka Crab Amazing Goodness!  It was amazing.  Layer of avocado, layer of mango, layers of crab, parsley and pomegranate reduction sauce.  SO FREAKIN GOOD!  We all just stared at each other in amazement!  Then for the main course we had Halibut that was covered in a white sauce that was to die for…over sauteed red onions, bacon and apples…my mouth is watering as I write about it!  Oh I forgot to mention the amazing wine that tasted like pear!  Birthday cake to follow and a night of FULL tummies!

This is our friend’s little boy Roman.  He adores The Boy and so we made him “Mini Me”

Sunday Breakfast: (Okay I knew we ate a lot but holy smokes!)  Sourdough Blueberry pancakes at the neighbors house with bacon and amazing eggs…full tummies and onto the putting green again!

Sunday about noon The Boy and I packed up our belongings to finish our adventure weekend with a night of camping in Bandon!  (not one freakin picture!!!!! Hitting my head on desk….NOW!)


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