10 on Tuesday…

17 Aug

1. Thursday night I went tothe Deschutes Brewery Street Fare with Dawn. Super fun and yummy yummy food!

2. I got to go to the Grilled Cheese Grill with with two teammates from last year….let’s talk about good food!!!  So now that I think about it, I may have already posted about this, but it was THAT good I needed to do it again.  You get to eat in an old school bus!

3. Friday was garage saling day with Amy and Kristy…I made a fantastic 25 cent purchase all day!  Look for the posted titled, “I thought I had seen everything until…” mistakenly placed before this one.
4. Blister is back…WHATEVER!!!!!!   I am determined to beat this thing…I bought some “foot deodorant thingy” today…it looks like deodorant and probably is, but I needed to try it.  I’ll try anything at this point.  Another move…cutting back on the hills.  We’ll see.
5. Beavers baseball game with our favorite cat haters…Sass and Pookie. We enjoyed reading the texts of the guy in front of us…him and “Amanda” are not on good terms…I’m just sayin.  I got my favorite…COTTON CANDY!  It was delicious and I am sure my doctor wouldn’t recommend it but it’s only two weight watcher points for the WHOLE bag!!  That’s a funbag!

6. Spent a lot of time at school preparing for this coming school year. Good times, but huge messes! Trying to be more organized and not so cluttered this year.
7. I have ordered a few school supplies online this year (cheap!) and it is a lovely thing when they show up..here is a teacher’s dream package…

(yikes on the pics!)

8. Made a heavy trip to IKEA today…bought 3 shelves for books and such, a new inside shower curtain, curtains for the spare room with rod…and a Wok…random, this I know!

9. I may or may not be able to finish this list because apparently I am too boring…holy crap!

10. One of my goals this summer (I always have a ton and get a small amount accomplished…oops!) was to clean and organize my “file cabinet” at the house.  I did that today…it took me like .5 hours…now, onto the ones I have at work..YIKES!

(It’s almost the “apple” time again!)


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