You thought you had seen everything until…

17 Aug

alternate title:  HOLY CRAPBALLS, did I just see that?!?!?!

Disclaimer:  Please make sure your children are not peaking over your shoulder…or you’ll have some explaining to do!

What in the world?!?!?

WOW!  They did a lot of “saling” today!

Yes, that’s an air conditioner hanging out the back window, attached to a generator sitting on top of the tow hitch, plugged into the side of the van!  CLASS BABY NOTHING BUT CLASS!

This is what  you call a lot of junk!

My cousin asked if it was a “Clean House” garage sale! (do you know that show cause it’s fabulous!)

Yes, these are shopping carts…AMAZING!

It was a fundraiser for a GINORMOUS church in lake oswego…they made a few dollars.

Then just when you thought you had seen it all…

We saw this…it was unbelievable…yes I know I know part of nature blah blah blah…but there was no reason for it!  I mean there were three hot teachers in the car but I am not sure it was enough for THIS!  We dashed out because it wouldn’t stop growing!!!


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