10 on Tuesday…

24 Aug

1. Something should be arriving in the mail this week to help me be a better blogger…I mean that’s not the sole reason but it’s a good one!

2. Babysat my little buddy Roman this morning…turned my back for two seconds and I catch him sitting on the grass…wondering what he is doing since he was golfing two seconds ago…I see a pile of dog poop next to him…and I immediately thought “OH NO!!!” Oh yes, he was playing with the little nugget…on the shirt and hands only thank goodness, but was good enough for a bath!!!! yuck yuck yuck!

3. Last Thursday we met our kids for our 6th annual Camp Erin that’s this weekend!!!!

4. Saturday night we went out for Justin’s birthday!!!

5. Saturday was the neighborhood Garage Sale! I attended every sale and came home with $2.75 worth of books. That’s eleven books!

6. Sunday night we had our friends, The B’s, over for dinner. We had a breakfast dinner complete with, bacon, Mimosas, and Pioneer Woman’s French Toast Casserole!! It was delicious!  Not as good as those ding dang jalapeno poppers that I crave every hour of the day!

7. Last night was a pure disappointment…The Boy and I were to meet Buck Double (The Boy’s name for him) at Grilled Cheese Grill…I was going to get the grilled cheese with jalapenos on it…(so I am a tad obsessed!) and we got there…and it was closed.  We settled for Kennedy School…which is great don’t get me wrong…but it is NOT Grilled Cheese Grill…WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!

8. Clearly my life is getting more boring as the weeks head back to school…I’ve got nothing….I spend countless hours in the classroom cleaning and reorganizing…in hopes of staying in first grade ONLY!

9. As you notice in #8 I said HOPES of staying in first grade only…rumor has it someone has to teach a 1/2 blend…and no one knows who that someone is yet…not only does that have to happen but then someone has to move to another grade…only no one knows that someone either…it’s all a big conspiracy if you ask me…

10. We received a letter in the form of an email from our Superintendent that we will only be working Tuesday-Thursday next week instead of Monday-Thursday.  Which of course is great for my schedule…not great for my checking account or my classroom.  Budgets are bad!!!!!!!


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