Ten on Tuesday…

1 Sep

1. This is what arrived last week!  I am in love!  I admit…just like any new relationship…we have had our ups and downs…but we are getting along great now!  It even has a garage sale app!!!

2. Camp Erin #6 has come and gone…it was a blast, exhausting, and 60 kids walked away with their head held a little higher and their hearts a little stronger.  If you didn’t catch it on my Facebook…here is an awesome video that ESPN created.  They couldn’t have captured this experience any better.  It’s weird they don’t mention any bed wetters in the video!  This year I had three!  In all the other four years I was in a cabin…I have had one other.

3. Today, Tuesday is the day I return back to school.  I don’t think I am ready…other summers I have been.  I am not bored yet, which tells me I am not ready!!!!!  I am however excited to meet my new first graders!

4. The Boy and I got pedi’s this evening.  It was grand and his first!  He enjoyed himself I think!

5. We are headed to Montana soon for the season opener!!!!  Excited to be there, not looking forward to the drive.  Although, I usually have one million and two things to label with my kiddos’ names so it’s an excellent time to do that…now…what to do with the other eight hours!!!

6.  Today I will find out if I need to be getting a part time job!  Our district is in conversations of cutting sixteen day off the year!  Yikes!  When will this end?

7. Mother took The Boy and I to Grilled Cheese Grill on Thursday for supper.  I had the Jalapeno Popper (that surprises you i know) and it was delicious!!!  Cheddar, Cream cheese, corn chips and jalapenos!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm GOOD!

8.  Perhaps I should start doing 8 on Tuesdays because I am running out of things to talk about!

9.  We got horrible news today that our friend’s dad is being put on hospice tomorrow and isn’t expected to live another week.  My heart breaks for D and his family.  D’s dad has cancer.  Luckily he hasn’t had to suffer too long…but of course the question is…could they have helped it if they caught it sooner?  Sometimes I feel like cancer is taking over the world.  We will see D this weekend to give him a big squeeze.

10.  It’s pouring down rain and we are headed to The Boy’s softball game…I HAVE to because this will be the only game I will go to considering 7:20 is the earliest a game will start and it’s about 45 minutes out…that doesn’t workout with my 9:30 school night bedtime!!!


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