10 on Tuesday…

8 Sep

(written before school)

1.First day of the 2010-2011 school year has begun!

2. We had a great trip to Montana this weekend for the home opener!

University of Montana Griz Game

This pic is before the lightening came and the rain was on the way!

3. First half of the Griz game was called short because of lightening!

4.  I rode on my first quad!  I did not drive it but rode on the back…

5. Our good friend D’s father passed away Sunday night.  I am happy that he is healthy in heaven, but my heart breaks for D and his family.  You never want someone to go through the pain you have experienced.  So this week our hearts are heavy.

6. I finished the book, Devil in the Junior League…so cute!

7. I have 22 kids in my new class of first graders…kindy and first grade have small classes and everyone else is well over 30…there will be NO complaining from us this year!!!

(written after school)

8. We made it in one piece today…no lost ones, and no hurt ones…that’s an A+ in my book!

9. Sometimes I want to look at parents and say “are you for real”?

10. Does anyone have a self cleaning bathroom??  Just wondering where you got it if you do!


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