Please understand… (not for cat lovers)

8 Sep

that I HATE cats!  Yes, you can call me a cat hater…perfectly fine with me.

Here are my reasons:  they are alien-like, they rub up all in your business, they hiss, I am allergic anyway, they do that weirdo thing with their paws…it reminds me when babies are too old to breast feed (total personal opinion) and pull the mom’s shirt up, among many many more! (including the ads below!)

Today while sitting at the allergists office (you must wait 20 mins after your shot to make sure you have no reaction) I picked up the good ol’ Clackamas Review…your neighborhood paper if you will.

Here is what I found in the classifieds that made me want to bust out laughing right there….

AZALEA: “I can come across as a little shy, but I warm up fast if you approach slowly and talk softly. Then I’ll purr a little and cuddle a lot with you. We’d both like that. I’m a soft, full-figured six-year old girl who’s looking for a lifetime commitment.” If Azalea could talk we are sure the words above would be her own. We find this shy girl to be a sweetheart when she feels comfortable with you. Her soft motor purr will start as soon as she is the recipient of some gentle petting. You’ll know you’ve won her over when she rubs her face against your cheek, and her soft meow is another way she will try to communicate. Just her way of letting you know that she’s feeling good with the attention and in return she will offer you her affections. Although mostly black, Azalea has sprinkles of white in her fur. She is silky soft, and nature gifted her with vibrant golden eyes that pop out against her black fur. Quite the beauty. Come meet her at the CAT Shelter in Sherwood.

CAROL: Carol feels a bit misunderstood right now. She really wants to be loving with you, but she’s just not sure yet that she can trust people. If you speak just right to Carol she’ll give you head butts and sometimes she gets so excited that she’ll start kneading her bed or even just stand up and knead in place. She’s very adorable when she does this, just like she’s doing a little dance in place. She’ll leave and then come right back for some more petting. Carol even has been known to offer her belly for a good belly rub. Will you be the person who will give this sweet girl reason to trust people? This two-year old girl is a very beautiful and petite dilute calico. And she’s as soft as she is cute. Carol is waiting to meet you at the CAT Shelter in Sherwood.

You are telling me that this cat feels misunderstood?!?!?! What about my feelings?!?!?

Sass…this ones for you!


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