I like the girl instructor too…just sayin…

9 Sep

One of my FAVORITE things about teaching first grade is the conversations that I overhear.

This was one from today:

Girl: Do you know what I did last night?

Boy:  No, what?

Girl:  I did the exercise video with my mom.

Boy:  OH!  I love that one!  Is is called the “PDX”  (hmm never heard that one before)

Girl:  NO NO I think it is called the P-9-0-x.

Boy: Oh yeah yeah I love that one!

Girl:  Yeah it was fun.

Boy: Wait does your mom like the guy instructor or the girl instructor?

Girl: My mom likes the girl one best.

Boy:  Yeah my mom too!

And they say children have obesity problems!!!!

I wish more than anything I had audio tape of these…they help me get through the day!

Another silly:

During the obnoxious fire drill today:

“It’s so loud for my ears!  They are pierced you know!”


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