10 on Tuesday…

14 Sep

A” did you know” post…

1. Did you know that 9/10 mornings I eat rice krispies?  Or some version of them…with a dash of splenda!

2. Did you know I don’t have my ears pierced?

3. Did you know I have very sensitive skin?

4. Did you know I use Selsun Blue shampoo?  yes, a very dry scalp indeed.

5. Did you know I eat like a third grader…everything plain and dry.

6. I have a mole in my ear.

7. I do the SAME exact thing every single work morning….up, shower, put on shorts and t shirt, eat breakfast while checking blogs, dry hair, make up, clothes, go…The Boy says he knows my routine and can tell me if I am off…the bathroom clock stopped this morning and threw us both off!

8. I sleep with a blanket…BOOYA! And a stuffed animal that sleeps on the nightstand next to me.

9. My front K-9 is NOT CHIPPED it grew in that way!

10.  I was Rainbow Brite for Halloween one year…man I looked AWESOME!!!


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