10 on Tuesday…

21 Sep

1. We spent the weekend in Eagle Crest with our friends the B’s!  It was a blast and wasn’t long enough!  Love you guys!

2. I learned how to play Gin. (I think is what it’s called)

3. I attended the beautiful wedding of my friend Andrea from high school.  It was a blast catching up with two old friends.

4. I got my free Starbucks drink coupon in the mail just now…I LOVE THAT!  If you don’t have a Gold Card and you love that place…you are missing out!

5.  This Saturday is my sister’s 33rd birthday…she passed away (you didn’t know?  do you live under a stone? jk…the whole storey is on this blog somewhere!)

6. We will be traveling to Missoula again this weekend (don’t try and rob my house cause our roommate is here…DUH!) for a GRIZ game…HOMECOMING!!!!

7. Wednesday night is our first night back to The Dougy Center after the summer break!  Can’t wait!

8.  I have officially started my Christmas shopping…BOOYA!!

9. I have made it to Day 10 with my kids…we have survived…we have gotten on each other’s nerves, but survived.  I think it’s going to be a good year!

10. One of the kindergartners saluted me and said, “Yes ma’am!”  in the hallway after I asked him to sit down instead of running into my entry way of my room.


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