It was kind of funny…

21 Sep

So I will full on admit I see a counselor…most of you know…I have ISSUES!!!

So I am a big girl and take myself there twice a month at least.  Well, things are going pretty well lately (quiet Chuck!) so I have been going less frequently.  Just started going once a month.  Which means I tend to forget about my appts till the night before or something.  I bet you are thinking…”Get a calendar!”  I have one.  I actually have like 4…no seriously…4…that’s where the problem comes in.  So as I sit here on my computer there is a calendar next to me.  September 20th…counseling appt.  4:00pm.  I was smart enough to even put it in my new fancy phone so the alarm would go off while I was at school to remind me.

I arrived super early so I sat in my car and played with the said fancy phone for a minute.  This is why I love my fancy phone.  If I am bored in the car waiting for my appt.  I can play something.

About 3:55pm I walked to her front door and ring the bell.  Her office is in her home, so if she is with another client she won’t answer the door and you just walk in and wait in her living room.  So that’s what I did.  But something was different.  Toby the dog didn’t come downstairs to greet me.  I thought maybe Toby had died or was on vacation somewhere so I ignored that…clue #1…I texted The Boy telling him that I felt funny because I could swear there was no one in the house.  I mean usually I couldn’t hear the conversation with her client upstairs but I can hear that people are talking…not today.  Hmm…The Boy suggests calling her, but that would be awkward and I don’t like calling people on my fancy phone.  Not because it’s fancy…I just don’t like calling people…(again…quiet chuck!)  So I decide to give her till 4:15.  You see, she is a college professor…and yes, I know that school hasn’t started for her college, but who knows.  So I am thinking she is running late and no one is home for her to call and she doesn’t have my cell number with her.  It’s all logical.  I decide to pull out calendar #4 from my purse.  On September 20th is reads….                                   ….. CRAP!!! I know it was in here…on September 27th it reads…Counseling Appt…4:00pm.

I have never moved so fast in my life!  I hightailed it out of there!  I felt DUMB DUMB DUMB!


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