10 on Tuesday…

29 Sep

1. We went to Missoula, MT for homecoming this weekend.  My face was burned and now looks like I went on a tropical vacation so I’ll take it!

2.  We didn’t even spend 24 hours in Montana.  Yes, we are that crazy.

3.  We are headed to an Oregon game this weekend…College Game Day will be there!!!!  If you have no clue what I am talking about…learn about it.

4. Someone turned on the heat in this part of the state.  I am loving it, but sheesh maybe it could have come during the summer?

5. The Dog and Pony show was a success.  Although I usually had about 95% of my families show up but this year I would say about 75%.  I was sad, due to the fact that now I have to do extra work to get my conferences scheduled!!!

6. Why do parents think their kids are too smart for Kindergarten?  They are 5 people!!!!!!! Give it a rest.

7. I went and saw my counselor yesterday.  Amazingly enough…I did have an appt!!!! (refer to previous post)

8. I found my leg warmers and headband and I will be sporting them to Jazzercise!  I went last week for a trial class and I just love that place.  Brings back so many memories of when I was little and had to go to the Jazzercise Daycare with my cousins.  I remember if we got there early enough we could play on the stage.  Really the highlight of my life.

9.  NO SCHOOL for the children tomorrow WOOT WOOT!!! No, I don’t know why…I do know that it’s not attached to a weekend so us crazy out of control teachers don’t leave on any tropical vacations early…we are rich and everything ya know!

10. Last Saturday was my dear sister’s birthday…we celebrated with an Oregon Duck win!!!  She would have been 33…old lady!


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