Ten on Tuesday…

6 Oct

1. Last night I ate at the Hangar…had their special of the night…five dolla hamburger…add .75 for cheese…I added it…I can feel my arteries clogging as we speak…Jazzercise here I come!

2.  For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook…WE WENT TO THE BEST FOOTBALL GAME ON SATURDAY!  Oregon vs.  Stanford…it was amazing!  Ups… downs…and in the end Oregon WON!

3.  Statewide Inservice this Friday=sleeping in…no school….my roommate has a class though…I am not laughing…

4. Did you know our district is on major  budget cutting?  In fact we are cutting a large amount of days…and yes, in the same sentence I am going to tell you that all the teachers at my school just got brand new laptops…tell me how that works?????  Oh wait, oh wait…I am sure it was a “grant” or something. =)

5. I miss my first graders from last year.  A LOT…

6. I am more stressed this year about school than I ever have been…how does that happen five years into it?

7. I don’t recommend trying to get your kid into the next grade level…example:  If they are supposed to be in Kindergarten…leave them there and thank me later…I’m just sayin

8. I got a new Oregon shirt…just for the Stanford game…it says…Who Needs Luck When You’re a Duck….I love it!  It’s not cocky like you think…Standford’s QB’s last name is Luck…I love a little play on words!

9. I ordered a darling bag to carry my laptop to and fro…

10. I often take the big naughties from Kindergarten that are making “bad choices” and they come in my room for a time out and it scares my kids cause they don’t want to have to go to Kindy if they make “bad choices”…and it scares the Kindy at the same time because my kids are angels when they come in cause they are “setting a good example” so it’s a win win for everyone in the end…well today, I was discussing the ‘bad choices” with my friend “Brick”.  I call him that because he so reminds me of the character on The Middle named Brick.  So Brick and I were chatting and he told me he would make good choices today if I could promise him to take his shoe to the “shoe repair guy” because it was broken.  Sure enough he had a broken sandal that needed some glue…he was determined to get me to take it to the “shoe repair guy”…


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