Ten on Tuesday…

12 Oct

1. Snot Factory R us!  The Boy is snottier than snotty…and that’s a whole lot of snot.  It makes it fun to co-habitat with him “clearing his throat” (read: hawking loogies) every five minutes.  Incase you weren’t aware, I have a very sensitive gag reflex…

2. I am fighting back a sinus infection…and I think I have done quite well thank you.  Dr. H is my hero and has taught me a little about fighting these things!

3. We went to MT this weekend…I KNOW CRAZY!

4. I got a new book. After the Griz game I made The Boy take me to Costco to find the new Nicholas Sparks book.  It’s amazing!!! I love that man!!!

5. Friday I hung out with “the ladies” and we went to one of the COOLEST pumpkin patches in town…but actually it’s out of town…so sue me!

6. Did you know the lines in the pumpkins are called Ribs?  true story…we are learning all about pumpkins in class and that’s one of our favorite facts…well, it’s one of my favorites but the kids love that the inside, excluding the pulp and seeds, is called the meat.  They think it’s funny when I ask them what kind of meat…steak or chicken?

7. I have a monstrous mountain growing on my head…I just wanted you to know incase you plan on hitting me in the forehead…I will scream in pain…bigger than ever.

8. How cool is it that I am sitting in my allergist’s office writing this?!?!  We are definitely in 2010!!!   What’s even better is that the receptionist is gone and this lady just walked in thinking she knows everything and grabs some clipboard behind the counter to put her name on a list?!?!  No clue what the list is for…she seemed to think she knew everything though!!!

9. I do not know what I am going to be for Halloween yet…trying to think of something funny.  But don’t have plans as of today…so not sure I need a costume?  Perhaps handing out candy in my cute little neighborhood with suffice.

10. BIG FREAKIN NEWS…I was invited to be a co-Founder of the Dougy Center Alumni Association!!!  How cool is that?!?!  I get to go to a special lunch this month to be introduced…it’s probably not as big as I make it sound…but yeah. =)


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Sue T. October 20, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    Hey I have a really fun idea for your Halloween Costume…You get a big box like for a dishwasher and cut holes for your arms and head. Paint the box your favorite color and paint KLEENEX in cursive on it. Last step, fluff up some white tissue paper and attach to the head opening and you are a giant box of kleenex!!!
    We did that for Riley one year. It’s kind of hilarious:)

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