the difference…

12 Oct

So as you may recall from this post…

Sometimes when we work on spelling at school I get myself into a jam…

As you remember from last year..I believe one little guy spelled PORN when we were rhyming…it’s those darn rhyming words that get me everytime!
This time it was just the word…
Me:  ”Okay boys and girls this word is “light”
“What’s the word?”
Kids: “Light”
Me:  ”Who has a sentence for the word light?”
Mr. M: “Not too heavy…not to light…BUD LIGHT!”

I had a smarty pants on my hands…and today…he came back to visit!!!  I was giving him a few tests to see if he had improved his reading (BTW, whole different kid! must have had a great first grade teacher!)

Him:, Do you remember when I said _______?

Me: Yes, dear how could I forget?

Him:  Well the difference is drinkability!
Hasn’t changed a bit!!!


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