Jazz to the size…

19 Oct

So I wanted to include this in my Ten on Tuesday…but it was just too much.  It is worth of it’s own post.  Besides I know my 3 readers (oh wait 4 now cause mom reads!) are sick of me only posting on Tuesdays…so I will post two on Tuesday!!!

Notes to my ladies…

Dear Lady Behind Me,

Your screaming was a little intense tonight…especially the “woo woo” like we used to do in high school.  It’s one thing to show a little fun, but a whole other thing to yell during the whole HOUR!!!

Dear Show Off Lady,

When you do an excercise class…it’s generally requested that you do the routine the instructor is doing.  I’m just sayin…

Dear 60 year old,

Props for getting to Jazz to the Cise…but let’s give a little more effort!  I mean did you even break a sweat?

Dear Instructor (who I LOVE),

I love that you choose the songs that have the raps in the mix, cause it throws off the “older” ladies that are trying to sing a long.

I also love the move like the one on Father of the Bride.


See you tomorrow Jazz ladies!


One Response to “Jazz to the size…”

  1. Sue T. October 20, 2010 at 12:33 am #

    Can’t wait to join you next month…I’ll be the one passed out in the corner:)

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