Ten on Tuesday…

19 Oct

1.  Ducks are ranked numero uno (that’s number one for those of you that aren’t bilingual like moi!) in the AP poll and USA Today!!!  BCS, ducks are number dos (number two) in the BCS.  I like it there best.  Ducks have something to work for =)

2. The weekend was full of GRIZZlies…nothing new of course.  Montana actually came here to play so we didn’t have to drive 9 hours to see them.  Who does that anyway???

3. We ended Saturday night with a trip to the Semilliams (Semet + Williams=Semilliams).  We watched the last of the Beaver game (too bad so sad!) ate our hearts out and spent the night!

4. Sunday we saw the movie “Waiting for Superman”.  It’s excellent.  You must see it.  It’s nothing that teachers don’t already know.

5. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started…I LOVE IT!  My other favorite is Orange County…I love those California girls and their “worked on” faces!!!  The Boy and I agreed that I will have to pay close attention this season.  They all look alike because they go to the same plastic surgeon!

6. The Boy and I are over our Snottiness.  He still hawks who knows what up in his mouth to the point where I gag if I think about it too much.

7.  The Boy is using a beach towel as his bath towel.  One would think it’s because we haven’t done laundry in awhile.  Not true.

8. Raise your hand if you like Dave’s Killer Bread?!!  (with Tuna is the B-E-S-T)

9. Raise your toe if you have eaten a pumpkin scone from anywhere but Starbucks…I am on a mission to try every pumpkin scone I can get my paws on!  So let me know where you like yours from!!!

10. My friend Amy finds out what kind of child she will be having…I am rooting for girl just so everyone knows!


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