Soccer and burps…

21 Oct

As you know…I love telling stories about the kids at school.  Today I got an email from a last year’s mommy sharing a funny story.

2nd grade:

Boy: MOM! When I went to school today, I saw Suzy staring at me when I walked in. I knew she was looking right at my head. So, I asked her “are you looking at my hair? I didn’t brush it did I?” You know what she said???

Suzy: Yep, you didn’t brush your hair.

Boy: I looked like a dork, a total dork mom- THANKS! You need to tell me to brush my hair! JEEZ!!

Mom: Why are you ruffled at me?

Boy: Because mom, its your JOB! What else are you supposed to do but tell your kids things like brush your hair. And, Joey told me today that girls don’t like hair that’s not perfectly straight. When my hair is not brushed its NOT STRAIGHT.

Mom: Boy, don’t worry about girls, Joey says that because he has that funny looking super straight hair so he will always tell you that. And, why do you care about girls- they only like polly pockets, and Hannah Montana. Did you want to sit and talk to them about that instead play with all your buddies?

Boy: NO! But mom, there must be at least 1 girl who doesn’t like that stuff. Aren’t there girls who like soccer and burps?


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