nonsense words…

24 Oct

Sometimes when I pull reading groups to my tables…I have a few things I need to do before I get there myself.  Usually it involves disciplining or reminding certain ones to keep their voices off while others are working..or sometimes breaking up chick fights over the stamps.  Stamps are a HOT commodity people!  Who doesn’t want to stamp the words, SAM, MAP, or PAM over and over again?!?!?

While they children are waiting at the table for me, they do what I call a sound dash.  There are three letter nonsense words in a piece of paper that they practice sounding out.  It was Miss J’s turn.  I had just sat down to the table when she says…”/w/ /a/ /j/, waj..hey that sounds like wedgie and I LOVE to give wedgies!”

Out of the mouth of babes…


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