Ten On Tuesday…

26 Oct

1. Check previous post about a fancy orphanage…Saturday Fun!

2. Taking an Children’s Authors class tonight to “Continue My Education”…aka, get higher on the pay scale.

3. The Boy and I saw Social Network this weekend…five stars…FANTASTIC movie.

4. Sunday we helped celebrate a very special 2 year old birthday!!!

5. I won at Bunco this weekend…most wins…BOOYA!

6. I picked up this little gem last week…at Costco

7. Ducks are number two…I love it there…it’s safe…it’s comfortable…and #1 and #2 go to the Championship game…I’m proud of those ducks! First the worst, second the best…(there’s some discussion about third…)

8. In last week’s post I talked about my friend Amy finding out with kind of child she is having…I guessed and wanted a girl…and…IT’S A GIRL!!!!  Congrats Amy and hubby…I can’t wait to meet her!

9. Dear Lady Standing Too Close to Me At Jazz to the Cise,

1) Please don’t stand so close to me…(Listen to The Police)

2) I am not sure where you learned your beat from…but get your money back girlfriend!  You lost it!

3)  I was a touch concerned when you left in the middle of class for about ten minutes and then came back…but hey it’s none of my beewax…

10. Parent teacher conferences this week…  One word of advice for you parents out there…Don’t assume that your child is the smartest in the class…I mean I guess there is about a 1 in 22 chance (in my class) they are…that’s not very good.  I’m just sayin…


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