1 Nov

Things you should know about my 89 year old grandma…It’s her birthday today!  I know she will never read this as well as never begin to comprehend what a blog is…

1. She has dressed like a witch every year for probably the last fifty years on Halloween.

2. Halloween is her birthday, the kids that used to come to the house as children now bring their children.  Tonight some even sang happy birthday to her!

3.  She swore to her kids she would never act like her mother…guess what?!?!?!

4. She has an ’81 Lincoln Continental that she will never give up.  There is duct tape holding the seat together and the last time I was in it…if you hit the brake…the “door ajar” light came on.

5. She has blonde hair…it’s crazy she never went gray!

6. She volunteered at the hospital taking around a little cart that had magazines, nail clippers, etc.

7. She used to make us special ice cubes…instead of water she used juice.  She put a few in a ziploc bag for us, gave us a spoon, and it kept us occupied for hours.

8. She has a cupboard in the hallway that produced gifts like crazy.

9.  She single handedly kept the hospital gift shop in business, buying all of us kids fun items.

10.  She has five children.  Two sets of twins.  All natural. Two oldest are boys Mike and Doug(my dad), Craig the singleton, and Lynn and Steve are the youngest twins.

11.  She used to take the cushions off her “davenport” to set down the living room for “gymnastics” time for us kids.

12.  She has 8 Grandchildren.  Ranging from my sister (who would have been 33 this year) to 23.

13.  She has never had anything wrong with her minus a bad ankle break while berry picking and she had to have some screws put in her ankle…and a random time when her sodium levels went down and that was just a weird thing altogether.

14.  She always requested a detailed Christmas List.  Half the stores at the mall knew her by name and she would walk in and hand them the list.  We always got EXACTLY what we wanted for Christmas.  I don’t think she ever picked anything out herself.

15. Updated since the first post…She ALWAYS had Bon-Bons in the fridge that she let us dig into…I guess she really did stay home during the day and eat Bon-Bons!!! Jen also mentioned wrapping paper with our names on it.  I don’t remember that one, but I don’t put it past her.  That’s exactly her style!

16. She has since given up most of these traditions as she has gotten older.  She is going to live until she is 100.  My mom asked her the other day if she ever though she would live this long…she said, “my goal was to live past my mother”…and she did.

Happy Birthday Grandma!  I love you!


One Response to “Grandma…”

  1. Jennifer November 3, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    Oh my goodness! This brings back so many memories! Remember the bon-bon’s or the wrapping paper with our names on it?

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