Ten on Tuesday…

3 Nov

1.  Incase you missed my Facebook comment…here is what one of my kids said to me last week “Miss MegPie, I brought you some suckers, but don’t eat them cause they are gross!”

2.  I prefer DVR’d shows to Live ones.  I do wish I could watch those in my bedroom though.

3.  The Boy and I were invited to a lovely carving party this weekend.  We had tons of fun and watched the Ducks bring home yet ANOTHER win!!!!

4. Did you know the Ducks are numero uno! (number one for your non-spanish speakers)

5. I survived parent-teacher conferences.   No one yelled, no one cried, no one got grounded…I don’t think anyway.

6. Did I mention here that our district had some major budget cuts and cut 14 days of school?!?!  Crazy huh!!!  We have the whole week off at Thanksgiving…we also have a 7% pay decrease…special.

7. During conferences we have some lunch breaks scheduled…so I ran down to my nearest Subway…let’s just say it was awkward when I walked in and the whole time the Sandwich Artist was making my sandwich…he was singing…and not like to be funny…he thought he was darn good.

8.  Here is a glimpse at my everyday life in first grade…an email I sent to a parent looked like this today…

” Dear Mr. and Mrs. ______”

Your daughter and her friends chose to go catalog shopping today instead of doing Read to Self.  Compliments to her for her creativity…I am sending the catalogs home today with the reminder that if they return to school…they will be mine forever.  (I would really give them back if you needed them.)


Miss MegPie

9.  It wouldn’t be a Ten On Tuesday if there wasn’t something about Jazz to the Cise…You are never going to believe this.  It’s kind of silly.  If we go to Jazz to the Cise 20 times between November 1st and December 24th we get a free red paton leather (is that how you spell it anyway?) wristlet…um hi!!!!  Just what I always freakin wanted!!!

10.  On Sunday, Halloween, we went to Grandma’s and the A-team was there…they are so freakin cute!  They are so smart too!  They know how to sign and TALK!!!  They were bumble bees…


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