Peanuts, popcorn…

4 Nov

Another glimpse of my life as a teacher…

Ring, Ring (from the cafeteria extention)


” MegPie does Miss A have an allergy to peanuts?”

“Uh…not that I know of (panic sets in…did I miss something?)

“Well she ate a Reece’s Peanut Butter cup and then walked up to one of us IA’s (instructional assistant for those who don’t speak school) and said she was allergic.  We called the office and they said she had no alerts but I want to make sure you know”

“Oh dear, thanks for calling”

I kind of think maybe I should look into this more…

Secretary gets a hold of dad and he states he’s not sure cause he doesn’t live there anymore…Really?!?!  cause no one here knew that and even if she doesn’t live with you it’s probably a good thing to know…I know I am not a parent myself…so really how would I know???

In the meantime I email mom cause I know she is on email all day…

Hi Miss A's mom,

Miss A isn't allergic to peanuts is she?
She has currently convinced the cafeteria staff she is after she ate
her Reece's in her lunch that I assume you put in there.  Of course
they all flipped out due to our crazy amount of peanut allergies so
they called the office and double checked.  So...if by some off
chance she is...can you let me know?!?!
I would trust that you would have told us...but you never know...and
she is having no symptoms...=)

Thanks!  miss megpie



No, she isn’t allergic to peanuts.  Or if she is today, she hasn’t been for the last 6 years.  Sorry about that, she does have a tendency for drama.

Thanks for checking.


The joys…


One Response to “Peanuts, popcorn…”

  1. katrina November 6, 2010 at 2:35 am #

    I bet your heart skipped a beat or two!

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