Dear sister…let’s talk

9 Nov

Dear Sister,

You left this earth 10 years ago today…it’s about time we clear some things up.

How did you ever think it was okay to convince me to put corn in my spaghetti?  Everytime I eat spaghetti I think of you…and gag just thinking of that taste.  Mom said I had to eat the whole thing…you liked it.  Worst Day of My Life!

How about Catalina Dressing in Mac & Cheese?  You would think I would have learned from the corn.  I had to eat the whole thing!

Remember these words, “I bet you can’t stick your middle finger up!”  VIOLA!  Heck yes I could!  BAM in trouble…dang you were good.

The grooming to sing “Papa Don’t Preach” in front of your friends?  Really???  That was horrible!! No wonder I still have a bad self esteem…or maybe that’s why I think I am a really good singer.  I’ll get back to you on that one.  At the same person’s house I believe you also dressed me like a bride and “married” me and your friend’s little brother multiple times.  I am scarred for life.

I think I still have “Indian Burn” marks on my arms from when I would get “out of control” and you would squeeze my arm telling me I was possessed by the devil!  RUDE!  In the same sentence you would ask…”Do you like to get in trouble?”  So what if I did???

I still can’t quite remember how you became the “coach” at the Porch Recitals Erin and I put on.  The best part was when you did you own routine…YIKES!

Do you remember when we used to fake hit each other?!?!  Mom and Dad would get so mad and then we would laugh and laugh and laugh…

Or when Dad brought the molester van home (it wasn’t called that then, but now it would be fo sho) and there were no seats in the back and we laid back there with no seatbelts or anything?  I am pretty sure mom and dad should be in jail right about now for that one.

And of course Jenny’s favorite…when you planned all those plays we had to perform on Christmas Eve for the family…you called “practices” and someone got put in time out by you!  So mean.. so mean…

You were a great sister and I know we would be bestest friends if you were still around.  There are so many things that you would absolutely love that were not even around when you were here.  So here’s my list:

1. Cell phones with email…

2. Facebook!

3. Oregon Ducks are numero uno right now!

4. The Boy

5. Little People, Big World

6. Real Housewives of Every City Known to Man

I could name a lot more, but you get the point…

Love you Bunches…





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