Ten on Tuesday…

10 Nov

1. Today is the 10th anniversary of my sister leaving this earth.  It sucks.

2. I am officially over halfway done with my Christmas shopping.  Many things were ordered online, which means they will be super special!  I am broke now.

3. I have a three day week this week.  Now, before you get all jealous and stuff…I don’t get paid.

4. I made a to die for Cheesecake the other day.  Read previous post.

5. Okay, I will admit, I work on these Tuesday posts on Monday night and finish Tuesday…it’s now Tuesday, I am only on number 5 and I am pretty sure I am getting strep throat.

6.  Did you know you can get strep throat with no tonsils?  You can.  I have had it once and let’s go ahead and count this one.  But before my surgery my average was 4 times a school year…after my surgery my average (including this one) is once a year…I mean pretty good eh?

7. My friend M bought me peppermint ice cream.  It feels good on the throat. And when she bought it, she didn’t even know I would be sick.

8. Does anyone else think Kate Gosselin dresses and acts like a slut?!?! Raise your hands!

9.  Did anyone else know Spanx makes a swimsuit???  I haven’t seen yet, only heard about it…it concerns me for many reason, but really want one.

10. The Boy and I were supposed to go to the Blazer game tonight with the Semilliams…we had $6.00 tickets…I am a sad panda.


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