What Do I Make?

12 Nov

I recently had to “defend” my job to someone.  It made me really angry.  The next time I saw that person I wanted to be prepared of what to say next, but then I realized…I don’t need to.  I am not sure what he does for a job, but unless he is a doctor, I guarantee he doesn’t get the rewards, hugs, smiles, and laughs that I get daily.  I would never tell someone they are overpaid for working their butt off no matter what their job.  He says teachers are overpaid and get too many days off.  As I write this, I am off from work and have another day off tomorrow.  I am not getting paid…I guarantee you, he will never take a “no-pay day” a day in his life.  I love my job…and this video tells you why…



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