Ten on Tuesday…

17 Nov

1. I thought I had strep last week, but the test results were negative.  That started last Tuesday.  It’s now obviously Tuesday again AND I now have a MAN VOICE!  I would have much rather preferred a smoker’s voice because that’s HOTT!!! (with two T’s)

2. I am in the process of diaper cake numero dos (number 2) that’s going to be C-U-T-E!  I will post pics next week.

3. Saturday was Bunco at Amy’s house.  I opened the backseat of the car and the bottle of wine that I had purchased JUMPED out of the car and smashed all over the driveway. DANG!  Good wine wasted.  The good thing is that her driveway smelled like my favorite beverage…sure glad I didn’t go for my favorite more expensive kind!

4. Pioneer Woman gathering numero dos…our menu included: Cinnamon Baked French Toast, Bacon and Cheddar Biscuits, Scrumptious Apple Pie, Roasted Garlic Potatoes, Mushrooms with Brie, Layered Salad and…I think that’s all.  It was DELICIOUS!

5. I got a package in the mail today of one of my purchases for a Christmas gift off Etsy.  I can’t post a pic, cause that person reads this…I believe.  It’s sooo cute!  My secretaries loved it too cause I got it at school.

6. My class makes plates for their parents for Christmas every year.  They draw on a circle piece of paper and then we send it to “MakIt” and they come back plates.  It’s BEYOND the children and they have no clue how it happens but it works.  They are darling and such a great memory that lasts forever.  Below are pics of some fun ones: (ooohhhh yeah I forget to take those pics…I will try and remember tomorrow)

7. Today was…”Let’s be as naughty as we can for Miss Conway, especially cause she has lost her voice day”…it was a “fun” one let me tell you.  Thank goodness tomorrow is another day.  Thank goodness we have a four day week.  Thank goodness we have next week off!

8. I think I don’t like Kanye West…I’m just sayin.  It really bothers me that he says some very (first grade teacher alert) “un-kind” things and they still put him on tv and such.  GRRRR…plus he was rude to Matt Lauer and who can be rude to Matt?

9.  I have a friend that had to do something kind of scary today…I am not going to say anything more…but just keep her in your prayers and I will let you know when I can. Thank you.  The End.

10. Mother and I are going shopping on Monday…we are going to try and knock out a bunch of stuff…it will be FUN!  P.S.  MY shopping is nearly complete!



One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Patsy November 18, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    So when you are done with your shopping will you come help me with mine? Love ya – P

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