Ten on Thanksgiving Tuesday…

24 Nov

1. No School this week= yucky pay check…HELLO FURLOUGH I don’t think we’ve met!

2. Sometimes I think of some pretty random things, and wish I had a voice recorder to remember it later…one thing I do remember from today was this:  We were eating at Hopworks tonight and I went to use the restroom.  Well, we are creatures of habit and eat at the same places over and over again…but in our defense, we haven’t been there in awhile (and it’s so good!).  So I go to use the bathroom…I mean since I have been there so many times, I don’t even have to look which door to enter…then I started thinking…what if all the sudden they decided to change the bathrooms on you as a joke and you walked into the wrong one??? e.m.b.a.r.a.s.s.i.n.g.

3. This Thursday we will be making a mark in history…The Boy and I will be hosting our first Thanksgiving at our casa!  My mom and his parents will be here, and possibly his brother plus girlfriend.  Thank goodness for me that Pioneer Man lives right here in my house!

4. On my day off I decided to go help in my friend Kristy’s classroom. She also teaches first grade at a neighboring district.  As I was leaving, she asked the kids to tell me “thank you” and as I close the door one yells….”I love you!”  It was cute…

5. Last Thursday one of my “favorites” brought me a Pie from her mama’s new pie business, Portland Pies.  I got a pumpkin and it was delicious!  Thank you sweet girl and Portland Pies!
6.  Last week my friend Cora celebrated her 40th birthday.  Her awesome hubsky planned an amazing Saturday of wine tasting in Newberg, Oregon among about 40 other surprises for her.  Our wine day started with a private breakfast at Bethany’s Table, we loaded a double decker bus from Double Decker Portland that was so awesome, went to three wineries and returned 7 hours later!  We went to three wineries I had never been to before, but my favorite hands down was Trisaetum.  Beautiful in and out…very kind people…and the name is Tristan and Taetum put together…and they are the children of the owner.  They were on-site that day helping to serve snacks.  Fantastic wine!

7. Last night we had an Arctic Blast 2010 scare…the news stations went crazy…the city went crazy…and I woke up to a few specks here and there and a lot of news of cancelled schools.  Very confused, but went about my day and soon realized that a lot of streets were treacherous!  We probably would have been cancelled.  I will tell you this though, snow teasing is not as fun if you aren’t in school!

8. This Friday is Black Friday.  I went out once on Black Friday and it wasn’t necessary.  Kohl’s is opening at 3am and I think that is asesnine.  But while we are on the topic…I LOVE the Target Two Day sale commercials with the blonde lady in the red jumpsuit!!! I die laughing everytime I see them!

9.  I am having some technical difficulties with this blogging, so this is now Wednesday am and I am hoping to finish…last night it wouldn’t post my last paragraphs that I wrote…

10. My co-habitator barfed last night…I love that word, barfed.  I tell my kids they can’t interrupt my reading groups unless they are “barfing or bleeding”…otherwise I get interrupted every five seconds that that’s and understatement.  They love saying barfing or bleeding too…and of course they are exceptions that they have come up with like…”if  you are on fire” or “lose a tooth”….funny funny kids!



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