Ten on Tuesday…

1 Dec

1. My homey J.B. is preggers!!! That means three of my homies are preggers right now…Don’t Drink The Water…I repeat…Don’t Drink The Water. Chinese calendar says GIRL!!!!

2. The Boy and I hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house this year…like grown ups.

3. I am so close to being done shopping I can taste it!

4. I am currently having a brain fart…wondering if I posted last week.  I mean last week I was out of school so my WHOLE week gets thrown off.  The reason I am wondering is because many things from the week before are popping into my head that I know I didn’t blog about.  Now, I know what you are thinking…”why doesn’t she just look?”  That would require more work that I am interested in at this point.

5.  I made my Camp Erin friend, Abby, a diaper cake!  These girls and their cloth diapers! She is a soccer player so baby got a soccer rattle and some DARLING Trumpette Polka Dot tights.  I will be featuring them in my “favorite things” post…coming soon!

6.  Saturday for dinner I made PW’s (Pioneer Woman) Mac and Cheese! COME. TO. MAMA.

7. Sunday I watched this:I loved it.

I love Julia Roberts too.

8. Last week I tried two new class times for Jazz to the Cise.  I even took a friend with me.  Yes, I have a couple.  The one I didn’t take her too was insane.  1) Loved the instructor 2) Three ladies that insisted on standing as close to the stage as they could get 3) Said Ladies were maybe wasted 4) If they didn’t feel like doing the current routine they would stop and just talk (remember: front row, close to stage) 5) Did I mention that I think they were wasted? 6) Just when I thought they couldn’t get any crazier…they get up on stage with the instructor…bless her heart!

9. A couple weekends ago, A & S and I were chillin doing some dress up…I love her tongue hanging out!

You can’t see my sweet American Flag scarf tied like a flight attendant around my neck!

10. Saturday we saw this:

It was funny…not like Hangover funny…but funny.



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