Ten on Tuesday…

8 Dec

1. I just ordered the most AWESOMEST Christmas Cards ever…but I won’t give you any sneak peaks until I have sent them out! They are so cool! They won’t be here till next week, but guaranteed I will have those babies out the next day!

2. Did someone say the Ducks won the Civil War and are headed to the National Championship? Oh yes that’s right they did!!! Holla!!! The Boy and I got to attend that Civil War with two of our favorite Beavers. I think Sass would have preferred another root canal but I think she survived!  I also ran into my best friend from Kindergarten!!!

3. On the way home…SOMEONE (ahem, ahem) decided they needed some air and rolled down the window. Anyone want to guess what happens when you have an awesome Oregon Duck flag in the window and the window goes down???? That’s right…someone else has our flag now. Sad Panda.

4. Sunday we got to go to the Blazer Game with our Civil War buddies too! It was fun and we got the really annoying white bangy things…it was awesome just like a lot of other things in this post.

5. I have been fighting some serious grossness that is stuck in my body…it’s poisoness I tell ya! Nothing comes out but it’s in there nice and tight…I am running out of remedies…

6. I have stocking items to get for The Boy and you can put a fork in me cause I am D.O.N.E shopping for the Christmas Getting Giving Season.  This weekend it will all be wrapped and under the tree!  Holla!

7. Today’s first grade quote…Me: “Class, remember we have been talking about nouns?” Them:  “yes, a noun is a person, place or object you see.”  Me:  “Yup and today we are talking about Plural Nouns.  A plural noun is more than one thing.  On some words you just add an “s” or “es” but on some, the whole word changes.  So I can have 1 cat, but if I have two _______”.  (And I wait and they know to fill in the blank…) Them: “PLURALS!”  Me: “oh wait, I guess I didn’t explain that one very well!  Okay, I have one cat but if I have two…I have 2 cats!  See I added an s.  Let’s try it again…I have one dog, but I added one so now I have 2 _____?”  Them:  “PLURALS!”  Me:  “We’ll try again tomorrow!”

8.  There are 9 days sitting between me and 2 weeks of no school!!!!

9.  Another funny quote…I so wish I had video of this…We were sitting on the carpet talking about our writing for the day…I release them to get started and Miss J walks up to me.  Miss J:  “Uh, Miss MegPie…I know I made a bad choice, but I need some help.  I tied my shoes together…and yes, I know it was a bad choice, but now I need you to untie them for me.”  Me: “Hmm…what should your consequence be?”  Miss J: “I don’t really know, but I do know I need these shoes untied.”

10.  I have my online shopping packages sent to my place of work…SCHOOL…and it’s a good thing my shopping is done because it’s getting embarrassing to be receiving all these fine items in the mail!  I think I have gotten one a day in the past three school days!!!  At least it’s not wine!


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