Ten on Tuesday…

14 Dec

1. Friday night The Boy and I went and saw A and S in their school Christmas Program…Oh My Stinkin HECK…SO CUTE!! They were awesome!

2. Lost 6 lbs. last week…woot woot!

3. Had the Bunco Babes over on Saturday morning for a Breakfast Bunco…made PW’s 145 Weight Watcher points Cinnamon Baked French Toast.

4. All presents are wrapped and under the tree!

5. Pink Eye has taken over my life!!!  I woke up at 3am Monday morning and it was glued shut…I hate it when that happens! I exposed approximately 20 people this weekend…I am a good friend like that.

6. I can’t wait till my Friday post…I can’t tell you anything about it though. Check back Friday afternoonish!!!

7. Friday, The Boy came home to no water…he was able to call the water company and they walked him through checking to see if it had been turned off for some reason.  It had been so he was able to fix it himself.  Then Saturday morning the guy came out and noticed we had low water pressure…so he turned it way up and our Water Heater Pressure Release Valve went nuts…The Boy came home Saturday to water all over the garage…luckily he is handy and Googled how to fix it!  Thank goodness for GOOGLE!

8. I am sitting in my allergist’s office right now to make sure I don’t have a reaction and this lady is bending down to help her kiddo with a sucker and her thong is hanging out, and I don’t mean the kind on your feet!…GROSS!

9.  Today we were discussing Proper Nouns…I said, “We go to Short Hill Elementary (not really the name, but I had to protect the innocent) and that is a proper noun.”  A little girl in my class who doesn’t pay much attention most of the time pops up and says,  “Hey I go to that school!”  Me:  “Really?”

10. Nike revealed their uniforms for Oregon to wear in the National Championship game…

I especially like the gloves…they make an “O”…


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