She hit me!

16 Dec

Today…I was driving along HWY 224 which is kind of a lameo highway…in fact when we are coming home on the freeway I make The Boy take the exit before because the drive is way more entertaining than a bunch of industrial what not…so back to the story…I am head to a meeting and realize that I will be stuck in traffic for awhile…so I am sitting there going about 4 miles per hour when BAM…this chick hit me!!!! Lucky for me I have “rig” (that means anything bigger than this car that hit me) and she was in a pee-wee car (I don’t even know what that means, but it just came to me).  She was very apologetic…younger than me…and didn’t know what to do…had nothing to write with…BUT as far as we can see…there’s no damage on either car (she’s lucky) but I do feel a neck ache coming on (ahem, ahem)…SO KIDDING…I was just reliving the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Brenda borrows Brandon’s car and she hits the lady…the lady convinces her there’s no damage and everything is fine…until Brenda goes to visit and the lady has a neck brace on and wants to sue…Brenda shows up the next day and through the window sees the lady in her “Jazz to the Cise” leg warmers and unitard (i love that word) on and shaking it like a Polaroid Picture to Richard Simmons or some such thing on the tv…BUSTED!!!

For real though, everything is all good…and yes, I plan on getting my car checked out just to make sure.

Don’t you worry about a thing!



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