Ten On Tuesday…

21 Dec

1. Whew!  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through last week.  I did though…and quite proud of myself for it too! The kids were all jacked up…all week…next year’s solution…“Elf on the Shelf”.

2.  I got all sorts of loot from my fantastic little ankle biters though!! Some top gifts were:  Starbucks cards equalling a zillion dollars (fist pump!), homemade cookies (super naughty) and peanut clusters from my Portland Pie mama (she owns it), and an Oregon Duck Scentsy thinga majigger…that link goes to some chick named Debra and I am sure she would enjoy your business!

3. Saturday night The Boy and I attended a wedding of some friends, Erin and Tate.  It was a blast and we stayed in McMinnville (wedding location) at the Grand Lodge, McMenamins.  The picture below is a snapshot of the night…that Santa Beard got around that night…yikes!

4. Friday night we attended a “Fry Party”…insert confused look here…it’s where you fry EVERYTHING…Here is a list in no particular order…and trust me when I say this was hardly half of the menu…Twinkies (hello mama!), Ho-Ho’s, Cupcakes, Ravioli, Asparagus, Doughnuts, Jalapeno Poppers (Not PW’s), cheese curds, Empanada’s, miniature pies…Just walking in the door you gain ten lbs.

5. 1.2 lbs down last week…not good like the first week, but a loss is a loss

6. Monday morning I went to Jazz to the Cise at 8am…I am not a fan of that instructor due to her lack of “hearing the beat”…but she kicks my heiney which is a good thing.  I can’t handle the lady that was in front of me today…she works at barely 20%…and she is TINY and not old at all…she spent more time adjusting the many fans in the room thank actually working out…that’s not an exaggeration either!  Hopefully she has a good reason for slacking off, but when I walk out looking a drowned rat, she is ready to hit the town!

7. My poor grandmother is 89 going on 120.  She is what you would think of as a typical 89 year old, but until a few years ago she was anything but typical.  She blames her “oldness” on her lack of being able to drive. I blame it on her sitting on the couch watching soap operas and Two and a Half Men all day.   She reminded me on the phone yesterday that she doesn’t drive anymore…sidenote: she hasn’t driven in over 5 years…but incase I forgot.  When I arrived at her house to deliver the table and chairs I borrowed, she wanted to show me ALL the Christmas cards that my cousins had sent her…coincidentally I had the same ones!  Weird!  Oh and I can’t forget the one from the lady that sits next to her at church and helps her find the Hymns…PS She hasn’t been able to see in about 10 years…she’s cute though and has a sassy new do, by my mama!

8. Last night we went to Laurelhurst Market for dinner with the B’s…let me tell you something…that place gets TWO fist pumps because it was so amazing!!!  The Boy and I shared a bacon burger and a steak…wowzas…they got good meat!

9.  Did I mention that my teammate and I were featured on Today’s Letters? Em said she wanted to adopt us…we are totally open to that!!!

10.  Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with me…but I am sitting here watching Good Morning America, which is sad cause I like the TODAY show but that remote is too far away right now…anywho…this Rhodesian Ridgeback just had a litter of 17 puppies!!!  WTH?!?!?!


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