Ten on Tuesday…

28 Dec

1.  I am currently suffering from something…who knows…flu? stomach virus?  many random symptoms…

2. Christmas was extraordinary…two of my favorite items can be shown below…I was S.P.O.I.L.E.D.  to say the least!

3.  The Boy has a steady job as Old St. Nick on Christmas Eve for some of our good friends.  Here is a pic…

4. While The Boy was out warming hearts…I went to my family’s yearly shindig at my grandmother’s house.  I got to play with lots and lots of toddlers and babies and it was oh so fun!

Rylee (1 year 8 months)

Aubrey ( 1 year 8 months)

Skylar (1 year 4 months)

Adison (1 year 8 months-Aubrey’s twinner)

There are two baby boys too but they were out for the count by the time the camera came out =(

5. The Boy and I went to see “Little Fockers” yesterday…SOOO cute!  (That’s when the stomach? flu?  situations started) Although we both agreed the first two were better.

6. On Friday my teammate and I went to Jazz to the Cise together…we tried a different instructor than we ever had before.   Since it was Christmas Eve, everyone was in the holiday spirit to say the least!!!!  These are the same ladies from this post.  They were drunk…again! (I am so kidding…I hope) It seems there is a small club that stands near the front…it doesn’t matter if the whole back of the room is empty..these ladies are as crammed as they can get to the stage…it’s pretty funny.  Someone in the club had made wrist thingys (technical term) for the clubbers to wear.  I think the goal was to look like Santa and so they were white fur with bells on them.  The instructor is a part of this club…she wore Mickey Mouse Christmas Hands (picture those in red with bells on them) for the workout, as well as a Mickey Mouse Santa Hat.  She wanted everyone to wear red so she chose to wear her Victoria Secret Night Gown..it wasn’t what you are thinking…trust me!  They had also planned a party with cookies and juice afterwards…doesn’t that defeat the purpose?  just sayin… Most of them also were up on stage at some point struttin their stuff with the instructor…wackos!!!  My partner in crime mentioned that she felt like a Jewish person in a church…

6. Down 2 lbs. from last week.

7. My cousin announced/ or my grandma shouted it out that she is pregnant (my cousin not my grandma!)…AGAIN!  She will have 3 under 2.5 years old…she is NUTS!  Her kids are dang cute though!

8. Here’s an update on my stomach bug, flu situation…last night I went to Urgent Care after my stomach got worse and I spiked a fever!  WTH?!?!  I did a little research on the internet about what it could be and my official self diagnosis was gallstones.  Let me give you a little history on me and gallstones…I have had them before and I am told they are worse than laboring a child.  I didn’t get anything taken out at that point, but they just sent me on my way!  Well according to my research they don’t have to be that painful and all my symptoms add up. So I headed to the urgent care.  They needed a blood test as well as a urine test.  They poked me six times before determining they could get no blood from me.  I almost threw up on the medical assistant so I had to have a swab of alcohol on my nose (she said it makes my brain think about something else…yeah it made me think about when I vomited I wouldn’t have to smell it due to the amount of alcohol on my noise.)  I also scored a can of apple juice too.  So I left there with only a cup of pee to show for it.  Bummer!

9. Today I had an appt. with my PCP (primary care provider, for those of you who don’t speak doctor) and she ordered another blood test…they were able to get some, as well as an ultra sound…so my ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30…I can’t eat or drink from midnight till after my appt!!!!! STARVATION!!!

10. The Boy installed a new curved shower rod in our shower that is “hotel style”…it’s dreamy!


P.S. This is NOT The Boy, I don’t actually know this man.


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