Ten on Tuesday…

4 Jan

1. Back to the G.R.I.N.D.  My kids were pretty darn good yesterday considering.  They are a chatty bunch, but no more chatty than usual today.  And I got word I am getting a newbie on Wednesday.  New kids are alright if they are good…I know seems obvious right?   The truth is…a kid coming in the middle of the year can really screw up the dynamics of the class.  They can also be a blessing too!

2. A LARGE box arrived today!  OUR NEW TV!!! Actually I should call it a movie screen.  It’s large…very large.  We will be enjoying the National Championship game next Monday night at 8pm EST.  I can’t wait!

3. I officially know 14 ladies that are preggers.  That’s a lot.  That’s insane.  I had to recount a few times, because everytime I think I got a good count…BAM!  There’s another one!  Apparently it’s the cool thing to do nowadays!  Some of them haven’t told anyone yet…so don’t ask me to release any names on here.  You know how I like to protect the innocent.

4. Speaking of pregnancies…I did know 15 but Baby Dot was born Sunday morning at 1:38am to one of my Camp Friends, Abby.  Dot is GORGEOUS and she has some pretty awesome parents!  Abby was in labor for 22 hours…ugh..so not fun!

5. Friday night was New Year’s Eve and we celebrated in style at the W’s house.  We played Just Dance (read: I kicked everyone’s butt at least once) and The Experience till 10:30 then headed out to the local bowling alley to roll some balls.  We did have a little celebrity sighting…now before you get too excited…it is local so if you aren’t from around here…skip this!  Yes, folks..we bowled next to Carpet Carl…he is a ding DONG!

6. Saturday left us sleeping in, eating cinnamon rolls, and waking up the Williams early!  We had a YUMMO dinner at our good friend’s the B’s.

7. Sunday, we saw the movie 127 Hours…it is fantastic…very graphic, but good!  I read the book prior to the movie which I recommend.  That dude is amazing!  Be prepared to look away from the screen..a lot!

8. The Boy and I now live ALONE!!! We booted the roomie…nah actually he grew up and bought his own hut.  Congrats old roommate!

9. Update on the stomach situation last week…NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!  I just had some kind of infection in my tum tum… my white cell counts were low.  A lot of hub bub for nothin!  Thankful the words surgery are not in my future.

10. Who’s excited for Oprah’s new network?!?!?  THIS GIRL IS!  My first show I will be officially watching is Monday nights..Enough Already!!!! at 8pm with my favorite organizing guru!!  I can’t wait!! (I wrote this monday night)


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