Ten on Monday for the Natty…or maybe more than ten..

11 Jan

Ten things you wanted to know about the National Championship game…( I thought I posted this last night!)

1. There are a lot of Auburn fans stuck in Alabama due to the storm down there…poor things…bless their little hearts.

2. Auburn is very confused about what their mascot is…Tigers and War Eagles…let’s work on that Auburn,  shall we?

3. My favorite name for my least favorite Auburn player…Scam Newton!

4.  I have a feeling in a few weeks/years that SOMEONE will have their Heisman Trophy taken away…Fact: The NCAA has never declared a player ineligible while he was still playing.  Just sayin…

5. If you are sitting at the National Championship game right now and you aren’t wearing orange and blue or green and yellow…something is seriously wrong with you!

6. The venue in which this game is being held can hold 63,000 but for a “Mega” event it can hold 73,000…that’s really questionable how they “add” 10,00 more seats…

7. Chip Kelly is in his suit 2 hours before game time and I am missing the visor…

8. Chip is now in his visor…phew!

9. The grass on the field was grown in O-R-E-G-O-N

10. Most expensive tickets for this game in BCS history…

11.  There are more Auburn fans than Oregon fans at the game…see number one?!?!?!


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