Ten on Tuesday…

18 Jan

1. I have recovered from the Ducks loss last week…I think.  I am proud of those Ducks…they worked their butt off this season and it showed…see you boys next year!

2. Last night we went to the Blazer game…thanks to the generous donation to the Dougy Center…I am guessing by the Blazers.  Whoever it was…thank you!  There are benefits to losing someone or forty in your life.  (okay I know I am sick, but it’s death humor…I’ve got many jokes)

3.  Saturday night the Semelliams came over to hang out.  Little did Sass Williams know she was in for it….actually she did know.  She came with a plan and we conquered.  I now almost have a crafty room!!!!  It’s darling too!  I can’t wait to share it on here, but it’s not quite done so I can’t yet.  SORRY!  That girl is so good at decorating I tell ya!

4. Thursday my teammate and I threw a baby shower for our 3rd teammate.  It was one of two (so far) this baby season.  Did you know that I know like 40 people pregnant?!?!  Okay slight exaggerating but not by much!  Next baby shower is Jan. 29th at mi casa!  Can’t wait!

5.  At the Blazer game last night…some crazy things happened.  One:  The Boy was squished as all get out.  I offered to move down a seat which would leave one empty seat next to me and one next to him.  He said we could wait till snack time (read: cotton candy heaven) so we did.  Our “friends” sitting next to him that were an average age of 13 had left for half time and when they came back sat right next to him defeating the whole purpose of us moving.  I am pretty sure he got some armpit sweat on him from their crazy dancing.  Two:  The lady in front of us was apparently laughing pretty hard at something and she flung (I like that word) her head back and smacked it super hard on The Boy’s knee.  It was kind of funny only because he was super squished (see above) and he couldn’t do anything about it.  She was fine…I wouldn’t be laughing if she wasn’t.

6.  When we got to the car, guess who had a dead battery?!?!?  Okay you won’t get this one…guess who didn’t turn off the lights?  Guess who was supposed to take the car into the dealer yesterday to get the “your lights are still on” chime fixed cause it’s not working?!?!  Man you are good!  So yes, dead battery at 10pm on a school night is not fun.  Lucky for me my mother got me a Triple A membership (god bless that woman!) for Christmas and the battery dude was there in ten minutes.  I just made ANOTHER appt. for my “your lights are still on” chime.  Oh and the answers to the top are “all of them but one was me”…oopsie!

7.  We got Bingo Bango Bongo shirts last night for $15 each…The Boy can’t pass up a deal!

8.  We have had 2 snow teasers this year.  I just wish the weather peeps would keep their mouths shut sometimes instead of jinxing us all the freakin time!

9.  Down 2.5 lbs this week…another 2.5lbs would be lovely.  That’s all.

10.  My mother and I went to lunch yesterday at Panera Bread.  This particular one we went to has just changed it’s named to Panera Cares.  The concept is simple and fantastic.  You pay what you can and take what you need.  There are cash donation boxes and no one knows how much you put in.  You can pay with a credit card, and you tell the cashier how much you want to pay.  If you are feeling extra generous, leave a little extra for someone who may not have it. I am currently trying to find an article on it, but of course I am sitting at the Honda dealership and it seems my internet isn’t the best here.  Google it…


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