Ten on Tuesday…

25 Jan

1. Sunday was a day of snowshoeing! HOLY activity points batman!  We had never gone before.  Trillium Lake at Mt. Hood was our destination.  Probably a little too long for our first venture…but yeah…you live and learn and then you are sore!

2. Saturday we hit the Columbia Store for all the snowshoeing necessities such as:  snowpants, snowgloves, and a few other items that we “needed”.

3. I am preparing to celebrate the first baby of my friend Amy.  She is having a baby girl and I am having so much fun planning her shower with our other friend Kristy.  I can’t wait!

4. My friend Jeanna found out on Friday she is having another boy!  I can’t wait to meet him in June!  Hopefully he will wait till Auntie Meggie gets out of school!

5.  I need to send out two fist pumps to our friend David!  He proposed to his girlfriend last Wednesday!  Congrats you two!  David is also the uncle of Baby Dot who was born in January.  Good things happening to that family!

6.  We FINALLY hung pictures in our living room!!!!  We haven’t had a thing on the walls due to the fact that we didn’t know what the heck we wanted!  We finally printed up some favorite pics that we have taken on hikes, beach trips, etc.  I love the way it looks!  This picture makes it looks rather plain…but I love it.  The Boy and I will just sit there and look at it until someone says, “I love our pictures”…I think we are both just shocked it’s not a blank wall anymore.

7. I am still in the market from some perfect curtains and pillows for my crafty room and then I will show pics!  It’s all baby showered out right now!

8. March 12th I will become the GODMOMMA!!!

9. Today I watched Oprah in realtime…which is a new thing for me.  I couldn’t figure out why the tv wasn’t fast forwarding and then I realized.  ONLY in 2011 would that happen!  Anyway I am still amazed and stunned at her story today about how this lady was searching for her birth mother and siblings and found out that Oprah was her half sister!   I mean can you even imagine finding out you are Oprah’s sister?!?!  She kept it a secret for like three years!  I mean I think I better do some research cause I could be too!

10.  Here is my latest blog that I subscribe to…it’s one of my bestie’s Heidi’s Photography blog…she does good work…she’s good people too.


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. hidees13 January 25, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    Thanks for the bloggy/photo love sassy! Love you!

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