Ten on Tuesday…

1 Feb

1. Amy’s shower was a success…see details here.

2. I have purchased this lamp minus the shade…TWICE…I purchased once a couple weeks ago.  We get it plugged in and it worked for about 15 minutes…so I took it back to the store and bought another one.  It worked for about 24 hours and JUST went out.  AWESOME!  What the heck???

3. Speaking of things not working…I got a new fancy phone back in August…and was thrilled with it until it kept dying on me.  So we sent it back and they sent me a “brand new one” (not so sure about that now) and it has been shutting off again…I mean it has been shutting off the whole time, but I finally did something about it last night.  It’s so frustrating cause it will go off 3-4 times per day…um hello…not sure if you people know but I am kind of a big deal and need my phone at all times minus the big deal part!  So I took it to AT &T and they are sending me a new battery in hopes it’s just a bad battery.  For their sanity and mine, please say a little prayer that it is the battery and this will cure the shutting off.  The Boy is just about ready to throw it and me out the window!

4. Down 2.6 lbs. last week..BOOYA!

5. Oh man this is turning into a consumer report I believe..I got a letter from my mortgage company that I had an escrow shortage…and I owe a LARGE sum…I can pay it all at once or it can be included in my mortgage payments but that makes it go up like $400.00 so i will pay it up front only to have my payment go up about $200.  We decided the builder we bought from wanted to make the deal “look good” so they charged us too little.  FRUSTRATION! (PS I have no clue what I am talking about, but that’s my interpretation of how The Boy explained it after speaking with his father)  Good thing I am a teacher…which means I am loaded and have that kind of money lying around.

6.  This is a test.  I am testing to see if The Boy reads this.  Well, maybe not if he reads it, but when he reads it.  So,  if you are The Boy, you should comment on this please.  Thank you.

7. I got myself a new job.  It’s called tutoring once a week.  It’s a good gig I tell ya.  If you know anyone that needs a tutor (I cut my limit to fourth grade and below) give me a shout.  Apparently I have some escrow to pay!  Seriously though…I would love to have another one on my list!

8. The Boy and I have been wanting to get these Blazer reusable bags from Subway.  But the problem is, to get one you have to order two footlong sandwiches.  Yikes…we can’t each that much.  BUT yesterday my mother and I were at a Subway that was divine if I do say so myself…and the girl said we could just take a couple!  SAAAWWWWEEEEEETTTT!!!  I couldn’t find any pictures of those guys…but oh well!

9.  On Saturday when I was preparing the PW Sangria for the shower…I cut one of my digits.  Luckily it wasn’t cut off, but it may as well have been!  If I don’t have a bandage on it it’s still bleeds!!! WTH?!?!

10. Today was my lucky day and I am thinking about buying a lottery ticket…I had 6 kids absent today!!! That was nothing short of a miracle!


One Response to “Ten on Tuesday…”

  1. Jaime February 4, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    We have had an “escrow shortage” each year the past 4 years. It really sucks as a 1st time home owner when you think all you have to pay is your mortgage and then BAM they send you this letter. This year was the lowest we had to pay thank goodness!!

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