Ten on Tuesday…

8 Feb

1.  I had a 5 year old slumber party Saturday night…two 5 year old twins and me… Twins: 1 MegPie: 0  Kids are a lot of work.  Lucky for me these kids are SO well behaved and I am not even exaggerating!  We went and got our nails did then did some crafts, shopped a little, and ate a little.  We watched a HORRIBLE dolphin kids movie that the girls claimed to be “the best movie ever!”

2. My friend Rose reached her goal of reading 100 books in 2010!!! Who does that?!?!?  She’s like a machine!  Her goal this year is 120…The Boy made sure that I knew that was about 1 every three days…Rose…GOOD LUCK my friend.

3. Saturday morning I went to the 6 year old’s basketball game…wowsa!  It’s hardcore!  They come running out of a blow up tunnel with a fog machine and they get their name announced!!! It was amazing!

4. Sunday we attended a Super Bowl Party at the B’s house.  It was fun times, good food, and we even met some new friends that live in our housing development!

5. Friday I took my students on a field trip.  Why do I do this to myself?  It’s like a heart attack in a box…stress, nervousness, everything in a box…not to mention the excitement of the children which leads to bouncing off the walls.  There were many promises of what would happen if I saw bad choices being made.  Luckily no promises were needed.  Although…I did want to cancel the rest of the field trips when the bus driver was asking us for help to find the place.

6. Black Eyed Peas were not very good at the half time show on Sunday…just wanted to throw that out there…and we won’t talk about Christina…bless her heart…honey, that’s what an earpiece is for (i think!)

7. The Boy went on his “boys” weekend this weekend…they fished until they couldn’t fish anymore…and even then, they kept on fishing.  He caught some and we are going to eat it on Wednesday…not sure what kind…

8.  I went to Jazzercise with my friend last night…we both agreed that we felt we may have been in a porn.  There were a lot of hootin and hollerin…pelvic thrusts, and sexy voice singing…Mondays could be avoided in the future.

9.  I am a little too excited about the device I purchased today for my classroom.  I bought a digital voice recorder.  You may wonder if I am giving lectures like in college…but that’s not what it’s for.  I want to record a kid reading, then let them listen to it.  My hopes is that it will improve their fluency.

10. This is definitely the lamest 10 on Tuesdays I have EVER written!


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